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Vin Deisel Likes the New Beyonce CD But He’s a Lousy Dancer

Once in a while you run across a YT video that kinda makes you scratch your head. I guess the big question for me would be WHY would Vin Diesel want to make such a strange, sad and completely lame little dancing selfie video?

Things that are not really worth saying “hmmm” but get posted anyway. Here it is, y’all.

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Girl Throws Eggs at Simon Cowell on Stage on Live TV While Man Sings Opera

One of the outrageous “live TV moments” ever is caught on tape. Cowell is despised by millions and many thought he had this coming for a very long time.

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LED Ice Cube Monitors Drinker’s Alcohol Intake, Texts His Friends When He Gets Drunk

You knew it was coming, and it’s here. An LED ice cube babysits the man who puts the artificial cube in his drink glass, changing color from green to gold to red as his alcohol intake escalates, and turning Bright RED when he is officially inebriated. Then the device can automatically text his friend list to let them know he might be too drunk to drive.

Just imagine all the ways this little electronic tattle-tale can make a man’s life go horribly wrong. Such as texting his boss by accident, or his wife, or his mom, or his car insurance agent.  The possibilities for disaster are endless.

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