Once a year or so I like to remind readers that my news blogs need a little love and support to keep on trucking.

I have just updated the online store that supports this news blog with a special new category featuring a broad variety of hand held Geiger counters, and other really cool radiation detecting devices. These devices and helpful aids cost less than $100 for the most part, and some of the other fancier units are less than $20o.00. There is a VERY interesting product included which turns an Ipad, Ipod, Iphone etc into a Geiger counter which I thought was just the bees-knees!

Not to seem dooms-dayish, but now would be a really good time to just look some of those items over and spend a little to make sure you can have some way of detecting radiation in your local region. It’s just a good common sense thing to do. I’m probably going to spend less than $100 and pick up a nice hand held Geiger counter so that I can know what’s in the air [ or not ] in my region on the South Oregon Coast. Check out all the store categories, and the Geiger Counter category is the last one listed at the bottom. Help me out here and Retweet and share this post on your own social networks. I need financial support to keep reporting the news and keep a roof over my head too, and I thank you in advance for your support.

Ready For Anything Emergency Preparedness Store 

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