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New Orleans Crowd Boos Madonna After She Demands They Vote For Obama

Oh what a difference a few years makes. From “Yes we can” to “Get off the stage!”  This is obviously NOT the Super Bowl Halftime Show anymore Madonna, and you ought to get a clue. It’s not like this is  the first time you have been booed on stage.

The man-child Manchurian golden man whose allure was built on lies is golden no more. The entire nation is sinking into an ominous economic black hole, more than 16 trillion dollars in debt. Kids go into debt tens of thousands of dollars to get a college degree, they graduate then go work at McDonald’s if they are lucky.

If you weren’t so Illuminati Princess super rich and out of touch with the masses you would already know that. Go take a spin down the 40 square mile crusted ghetto hell hole of Detroit Madonna. Go find out why they are booing you. If you are not convinced take a drive through the sprawling ghettos of Camden NJ, Flint Michigan, Stockton California or Baltimore.

Cited:  “According to The New York Daily News, the Material Girl was on stage when she told audience members she didn’t care how they voted as long as it was for Obama. The pop star has made similar statements and publicly supported the President during other stops on the tour, but yesterday evening, she did not get the response she expected. Many members of the crowd booed and more than a handful actually got up and walked out, prompting Madonna to tell everyone she’s actually just more interested in people getting out and voting.

Recent polls have suggested Romney might win Louisiana by as much as twenty percentage points, but even if the result was flipped, there are a lot of people out there who don’t want to be told what to do. Madonna is neither a political strategist nor more informed than the rest of us who care too. She would be better served by telling people to care, as opposed to telling them who to care about.”

One report said concert goers not only booed the clueless super-rich elite Material Girl, they hurled things at the stage and many walked out of the stadium. Good for them. Maybe people aren’t as drunk on extreme Left Wing political mythology this year as they were in 2008.

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Has Barack Obama Had a Nose Job? Before and After Photos

I located some photos of Barack Obama today that compare his nose from the early 1990s to his nose today. It appears to me that Obama has had his nose thinned and re-shaped cosmetically. I am posting these photos and posing the query to readers. Does it appear to you that Mr. Obama had his nose re-shaped at some time between 1990 and the early 2000s when he began his political career?

If so, did Obama have his nose altered to appear more Caucasian and less “black’?  We all recall Micheal Jackson’s ever-changing facial features through the years. I spent a lifetime before I started blogging noticing facial details as a professional artist and illustrator. It does appear to me that Obama has indeed had his nose done. What do you think?

I also included some other photos of the young Barack Obama in the 1980s and his nose looks much different. The change seems to have taken place around 2004 or 2005.