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UNSTOPPABLE Worldwide Hit: “Gangnam Style” by Psy, 1.6 Billion YT Views and Counting in 2013

I have to say that Psy’s worldwide smash music hit “Gangnam Stylecreated a pop culture explosion in 2012 that has spread on into 2013,  eclipsing anything I have observed happen in popular music in decades. Millions of rabid Psy fans of the monster hit who took the streets, malls, offices, schoolyards, and motel lobbies in 2012 to create their own “Gangnam Style” flash mobs kept it up in 2013 and the super-hit RULED the airwaves for the second year in a row.

“Dress Classy … and dance cheesy.”  – Psy

Here’s a brief re-cap:

If every rioting Muslim would stop wreaking havoc and begin dancing “Gangnam Style” instead we would have an outbreak of world peace within 20 minutes.” – blog author of HPC

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“Little Psy” From Gangnam Style Video Goes Solo [Yes, But Can He Sing?]

Can’t sing? Don’t sing? Not to worry, we live in the day and age where if you can pretend to sing, you now have a shot at a career. Especially if you can dance, and you are really really cute. How long will it last? I’d give this “Little Psy” phenom about 2-3 years before it wanes, but by the time “Little Psy” becomes a teen he will have most likely milked the Gangnam Style phenomenon for enough mileage to actually get a career kick start out of it.

What you see below is commonly called “milking it, milking it, milking it for all it’s worth.”  And it’s worth buku bucks in raw cash and global fame. You gotta admit, the kid is really cute. And he’s a great performer. Little Michael Jackson from 40 years might be proud. Or …  maybe not.

The difference between Little Psy and Little Michael Jackson is, little Michael Jackson could sing like a bird with PERFECT pitch. And he began singing on stage when he was only four years old. Remarkable.

Here’s an example of an early Little Michael Jackson performance.

Funny, I enjoy watching Little Psy doing “Gangnam Style” dance and sound-mime more than I enjoy watching the grown-ups. This dance was made to order for kids anyway, don’t you think?  The act might be more long lived if the little boy could actually sing.

Watch little PSY rock it in these videos:

Fussy baby won’t eat his lunch? Try this:

I’m sorry I just can’t help it. This next video is just too hilariously wonderful:

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