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UNSTOPPABLE Worldwide Hit: “Gangnam Style” by Psy, 1.6 Billion YT Views and Counting in 2013

I have to say that Psy’s worldwide smash music hit “Gangnam Stylecreated a pop culture explosion in 2012 that has spread on into 2013,  eclipsing anything I have observed happen in popular music in decades. Millions of rabid Psy fans of the monster hit who took the streets, malls, offices, schoolyards, and motel lobbies in 2012 to create their own “Gangnam Style” flash mobs kept it up in 2013 and the super-hit RULED the airwaves for the second year in a row.

“Dress Classy … and dance cheesy.”  – Psy

Here’s a brief re-cap:

If every rioting Muslim would stop wreaking havoc and begin dancing “Gangnam Style” instead we would have an outbreak of world peace within 20 minutes.” – blog author of HPC

Psy and His Gangnam Style Take Over the World, Spontaneous Joy Outbursts Documented

“Gentleman” by Psy: 607 Million YT Views and Counting in 2013

In taking an overview of the best most popular music of 2013 you can’t overlook this incredible mega-hit by Psy:

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YouTube Rewind for 2013: What Was Hot

This video went viral in 12 hours with more than 4 million views. That’s actually pretty hot, in and of itself. If you see a bunch of writhing leaping people in the video below, and you don’t know who they are, don’t feel alone. It just means you don’t live on YT enough to know what got famous every 15 seconds in 2013, before the next big thing came along. Consider this 5 minutes spent to catch up on all the lamest non-news events which got more web traffic in 30 minutes than all of your own blogs combined will ever get in a lifetime. It’s real inspiration for us news bloggers all to keep on plugging, huh?

Maybe if I put on a plastic horse head and leaped around my front lawn for 5 or 10 minutes it would help my blog traffic. But then again, nah.

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