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Hating on Justin Beiber: Beiber Booed at 2013 Billobard Music Awards [ and Elsewhere ]

There comes a time in the life of a multi-millionaire pop star who is only 19 years old, when actuality begins to creep in around the edges of a fantasy life lived in a dream. Beiber has been seen piloting his sports car through the affluent millionaire’s supurb where he lives at more than 100 mph. WHAAAT? He’s no longer dating one of the most beautiful young pop stars on the planet, Selena Gomez, and even Taylor Swift has recently taken a swipe at the Beibe.

Note to Justin Beiber: Not everybody loves you, man.

You’re gonna have to MAN UP and realize it. Success on such a scale at such a young age breeds hatred, envy, contempt and even conspiracy to dethrone a young beautiful pop king.  But when your core audience turns on you, it’s time to do some serious soul searching.  There have been too many incidents when the audience has expressed their disapproval of whatever pertaining to Beiber that it’s beginning to become contagious. Whatever is causing this “booing the Beibe” phenom, it needs to be addressed and in a hurry, because when the love is lost between the MAN and his fans, it all over but the crying and those happy trips to the bank start to fall off as well. Hang in there Justin. It’s all part of growing up in front of 35 million fans and a hostile celebrity press.

And then there’s this…..

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