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Celebrating 50 Years of James Bond: 007 In Photos

Author Ian Flemming’s fictional British super-spy 007 launched what is arguably the most popular film franchise in movie history. I can think of no other motion picture series which has successfully spanned 50 years and continues to draw new fans after five decades. I was a little kid in grade school when the first James Bond movie “Goldenfinger” appeared on American movie screens. I was mesmerized by it at a Saturday matinee movie house in my hometown for 25 cents. Most gripping was the sight of the dead gilded girl for the first time. That was pretty heady stuff for a little kid in the 1960s. I was both dazzled by the film’s display of what was then “high technology” and thrilled by all the excitement of watching 007 fight to save his own life and to save the world, down to the last 5 seconds of the movie a non-stop cliff-hanger. In fact, the 007 movie franchise fairly invented the “down to the very last 5 seconds heart stopper” action genre. [ And oh by the way, the whole “Pussy Galore” name gag was not lost on me then either. Although it got alot funnier as I got older and watched “Goldfinger” re-runs as a teenager.]

Naturally I burst through the backdoor into our kitchen later that day reciting all the movie matinee highlights to anyone who would listen. Bubbling about the movie to my parents, they decided this was not to be missed on a lazy summer Saturday evening so we all piled into the car later that night and went to watch it again at the local drive in theatre, replete with a drive-in movie dinner of cokes, hot dogs and buttered popcorn. Now we were all hooked. Thus began my own little personal love affair with the ever changing James Bond and his 007 movie adventures.

Fifty years later and far into the future from that simple summer evening spent in rapt astonishment at the abilities of James Bond, I am blogging about the upcoming release of Skyfall and the worldwide celebration of “007 Day.”  That certainly dates me, but who cares?  There’s not a baby boomer alive who doesn’t love a good James Bond movie.  The first and only genuine original article, James Bond played by Scottish actor Sean Connery, was always my favorite Bond man. But I have to admit the most recent Bond, Daniel Craig, also has that inexplicable, enigmatic something that makes it all so believable once again after I first watched 007’s daring espionage escapades back in the summer of 1964.

The upcoming movie premiere of the latest Bond installment, “Skyfall” is doubly delicious for me in that it combines my favorite movie genre with a sound track from one of my favorite vocalists, Adele. You can listen to British vocalist Adele’s scorching and silken rendition of the new “Skyfall” 007 Bond theme here.

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Adele’s Haunting New 007 Bond Movie Theme “Skyfall” Released on Adele.tv

Adele’s sultry new Bond theme for the newest installment of the James Bond 007 film franchise “Skyfall” was finally released to the public on 10.05.2012 and immediately went viral. The haunting Bond movie theme song was co-written by Adele and Paul Epworth. Her website posted the song [ see Adele.tv ] and it has already garnered more than 34 million Facebook ‘likes’ less than a day later.

Today is officially “World James Bond” day in the movie marketing universe,celebrating the fifty year anniversary of the wildly popular and enduring film franchise.  Here’s the official “Skyfall” music video from Adele.tv:


Buy Skyfall now: http://smarturl.it/AdeleSkyfall

Written by ADELE and Paul Epworth.