It’s more than a little bit convenient that in a world which is completely obsessed with pre and post apocalyptic themes that NBC has chosen this particular time [ Fall 2012 ] to develop and broadcast their newest sci-fi TV thriller “Revolution” even as all science, technology and astronomy media outlets continue to vehemently deny the existence of any celestial object [ planetoid, asteroid, comet, brown dwarf, rogue planet, wandering dark star et al ] which could elicit a global catastrophe.If not a rogue planet’s fly-by, there’s always the threat of an EMP being detonated over the country, or even a military coup.

My hunch is that the powers that be just wanted to hedge their bets, just in case this fall [ or next spring, or the next fall … ] brings the unexpected global black out our way. Just to be on the safe side, why not air a TV show that at least gets the masses thinking about how to cope and survive in a world without electricity? The most fun part of all this is speculating on how I would spend my time in a world without the internet. I definitely have a nice long reading list that I could tackle, and there’s always new weeds to pull in the garden.

But about that U.S. military coup that turned out all the lights ….

What puzzled me is the name NBC chose for this TV show. Why “Revolution?” With Occupy Wall Street still trying mightily to ignite enough American rage to inspire more young people to take to the streets for  [ fill in the blank _______ of your choice of causes ] … isn’t it more than a little bit incendiary to name this show “Revolution?”

Could it be that the powers that be really WANT people to revolt? But why would they want that?  Hmmmmm.  I’m always pondering the police brutality videos which I see all over YT. There are more of them now than ever before. If I didn’t know better I might just openly speculate that someone somewhere wishes that more Americans would openly revolt, that way they could unleash their armed to the teeth SWAT units, call up Martial Law, and yank what’s left of American civil liberties out from under an unsuspecting American population who has been incited to run in the streets and yell “Revolution.”

But then again, Naaaaah. It’s more likely that all those unemployed or under-employed actors and actresses  from “Lost” needed work and NBC producer may have thought that if they named their new TV show “Revolution” that all the OWS protestors would come in out the cold in NYC and sit down and watch it instead of revolting.

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